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these contractors are sincerely doing most likely is spraying a greater than endorsed dilution of bleach which lightens the outside and originally “wows” you with the outcome. A couple of items with this method, BLEACH DOES now not clean it lightens and remediates mildew and mildew. Cleaning soap and detergents smooth. When these contractors bleach your timber with too strong of a solution it could possibly harm panorama and different environment. Applying an excessive amount of bleach can outcomes in leaving it within the timber the place it’ll dry the timber out and could motive it to in advance decay. Making use of an excessive amount of bleach, too powerful to wood surfaces can reason it to burn the wood and reason excess fuzziness to the wooden. The contractors who’re promoting you this service aren’t selling restoration offerings, they’re in actual fact selling you snake oil and taking your cash at the same time damaging your house. See vandalism above! The next item concerning restoration

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