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a 100mm sphere to move via. This applies to each stair section, but the essential thing to look out for when exchanging the banisters is the amount of area between spindles. In order to conform with the 100mm rule, the space between the spindles (or glass panels if relevant) must not exceed 99mm.


The dimension is taken from the smallest part of the baluster, so in case you purchase grew to become balusters you’ll traditionally must order extra of those than the square or stop-chamfered sorts. Staircase manufacturers can be in a position to help you calculate the number required to fulfill the regulations (by and large two spindles per tread).


The guideline additionally applies to the distance between steps on open-tread stairs. Whether it is larger than 99mm, you can ought to set up riser bars on the rear of every tread to diminish the size of

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