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Newel posts are upright helps that anchor the handrails, treads and strings of the staircase, forming an predominant a part of its structure – so do not rip them out until most likely critical. They arrive in a form of designs and could encompass a single publish, often called a plain newel, or a shaped piece of timber (a newel turning) hooked up to a separate base. If you are only revamping your stairs rather than installing new ones, you could be clever to continue the present posts and simply change the newel caps for a contemporary appear.


  1. How many spindles?


Spindles, or balusters, are the vertical helps that join the handrail to the leisure of the balustrade. As they are this sort of conspicuous feature they are able to have a colossal impact over the appear and suppose of a staircase, so provide your

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