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you probably have a sub flooring that is damp, has mold and a stale odor then you definately definitely need some form of sub flooring ventilation. Ventilation eliminates the damp air and replaces it with dry contemporary air. The easiest form of air flow is average air flow the place vents are mounted on the partitions of the building. This permits contemporary air to maneuver into the rooms and the basement.


If ordinary ventilation does no longer work good enough, which you could install fans within the sub ground. The fans will get rid of the damp air and can substitute it with contemporary air from external. The fanatics should be positioned strategically to make sure that contemporary air comes in from one part and the damp air is expelled from the opposite part. If recent air comes in from reverse aspects, there is a hazard of the damp stale air rising into the constructing thus inflicting a well being hazard.

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