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vapor barrier on the residence. In view that the vapor barrier is the beneath-layment that separates your siding and your framing with the aid of tacking on the vapor barrier to your wall earlier than putting in your siding, it is extremely primary to opt for a good first-class product in order to honestly permit your constitution to “breathe”. Because of this the vapor barrier will let air circulate behind your siding. An extraordinarily widely used product brand is Tyvek. Personally it is the worst option you could make when choosing your vapor barrier. Tyvek is in reality a plastic like product on the way to withstand moisture beautiful just right however would not “breathe” very good, so if any moisture will get trapped behind your Tyvek vapor barrier there’s nearly a 100% threat of getting the dry rot fungus to your partitions. An even worse quandary is with new construction housing.

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