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has been inside for rather a while and is within the stage where the rot starts to influence the surfaces which might be seen. One sagging corner of the window sill may not simply be a simple restore of a small piece of your sill but it surely might mean that the whole window frame is affected by dry rot and needs to be repaired. That’s why it is very fundamental to fix the damaged areas if you suspect that you’ve got a trouble.


Now fixing dry rot injury is not a easy approach, most of the time dry rot has to do together with your structural framing, except when it can be just the outside siding trim that is rotting. But most cases, dry rot gets to your framing. You have to realize that the part of your wall that’s rotting is genuinely preserving the wall itself, so if you are going to simply¬† taking studs out to exchange them with new framing, the whole wall may cave in. It is the equal story with the ground joist system or roofing trusses. So dry rot repairs more often than not require constructing extra help walls or installing assisting posts to maintain the rest of the structure at the same time you might be doing the rot repairs to the wall.

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