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The general sheet of sheetrock measures four feet through eight feet however for constructions with area of expertise requirements or have excessive ceilings the builder can get greater sections. Most of the time, the interior walls of a building are built from drywall that’s one-half inch thick. If the building’s partitions are going to be subjected to more put on and tear, the builder can in finding thicker sheets of 5-eights thick. If there is a curved wall, a builder can use sheetrock that is one-fourth inch thick. The sheets of sheetrock can be shaped in view that they’re reasonably bendy.


Forms of sheetrock


there are many distinct forms of sheetrock that can be used for specific applications.


  • normal-it is naturally fire-resistant but the builder can opt for variety-X, which is fire-rated sheetrock. This sheetrock is more advantageous with vermiculite and perlite to increase its resistance to flames and warmness. Builders use style-X drywall in commercial structures, which has hearth-rated scores from twenty to 1 hundred eighty minutes.


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