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  • sooner or later loosened fibres are then positioned in a gradual-rotating drum that separates the fibres with the aid of length. Small size fibres are usually not used to make mats. These are used as padding materials and most effective the medium length fibres are used to make coir and the longest fibres are used to make long-lasting twines and ropes.


  • The coir fibres of suitable size are bundled, assembled and gathered to make mats of diverse sizes, designs and shapes.


High best doormats can be made with the coir because it is enormously durable material that is resistant to climate-change. This material is mostly used to make outside mats. Not handiest does the coir mats resist the harsh UV rays, its average brown colour offers a country consider to the ambiance. These are compatible for the areas that have temperature variations or obtain heavy rainfall. These enormously sustainable mats also look appealing because of its brown rustic seem.

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