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  • Overlay thickness-it will have to be a maximum of two point five inches with no less than one point 5 inches
  • gentle transitions-when you find yourself on account that the place to grind the prevailing pavement down remember not to grind down the overlay part to match the existing structure. In the event you do this would weaken the overlays force. They’ll grind the existing payment down to where they meet flush together to preclude this.


Inlay and pulverize in place


both of these areas of asphalt protection are comprehensive making use of a milling computing device. For the period of the procedure of inlay, it eliminates a depth of the prevailing asphalt, which is mostly a earlier overlay. This may let the contractors to position the asphalt again to the pre-inlay elevation. The method of pulverize-in-situation will diminish the entire asphalt to particles which can be base-rock dimension.


Seal coating


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